BCSD Argentina (CEADS)

  • About

    CEADS currently has six focus areas: Environmental Management; Legal & Compliance; Energy & Climate, Communication; Corporate Social Responsibility and Inclusive Business. Special working groups include: Sustainable Agribusiness; Business and Human Rights; Natural Disaster Business Response; Integrated Reporting facts and trends; and Telecommunications.


    • 86 companies.

    Shared Members with WBCSD

    • (32) ABB, Acelor Mittal, Akzonobel, Basf, BP, Chemours Company, Deloitte, DNV, Dow, DuPont, Ecoblend, E&Y, Ford, Havas Media, Henkel,  Holcim, Intercement, Masisa, Monsanto, Natura, Nestlé Waters, Novartis, PepsiCo, Petrobras, PWC, Siemens, SC Johnson, Solvay, Syngenta, Total Austral, Unilever, Volkswagen,

  • Activities

    Building the Business Case

    • CEADS has produced 11 books comprising more than 400 case studies on sustainable development, including best practice subjects such as eco-efficiency, reporting, integrated management systems, recycling, by-product synergies, CSR, supply chain management, stakeholder communication, sustainable livelihoods and a wide range of other sustainable development issues.
    • Provides local authorities advice on the development of public policies and regulatory framework on issues related to sustainable development;
    • Design and delivery of a wide variety of learning programs: Global Reporting, GHG Protocol, Carbon Footprint, Measuring Impact, Human Rights, ISO 26000, Inclusive Business, HHRR Management in NGOs and Environmental Law for non-specialists. These are exclusive for its member companies.
    • Contributes with PwC Argentina in surveying the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Latin America landscape (2014 & 2015).

    Vision 2050 Argentina

    • Development of a local Vision 2050; finalized in December 2013. This process included the strategic alliance with a local Business School and a public policies Think Tank. CEADS also hosted multi stakeholder dialogues with key actors and referents in the fields included in the local Vision.
    • Developed an Awareness Raising streamline video to motivate companies towards concrete solutions and commitments for 2020.
    • Developed a sectorial Vision 2050 and a road map to that vision, specially focused on the Agribusiness sector in Argentina.

  • Action2020-related Activities


    • Developed a preliminary work stream for Action2020 Argentina based on Vision 2050 Argentina, aimed at translating the global vision into concrete action plans for Argentina for 2020.
    • Compilation of Business Cases related to Vision 2050 – Action 2020 Argentina, to illustrate what local business is doing or planning to do to cope with the different challenges and opportunities identified in each priority area.

    Climate Change

    • Participation, as private sector representative, at the multi stakeholder process lead by the Argentinean Governmental Committee on Climate Change, to the formulation of the National Strategy on Climate Change. BCSD Argentina has a seat at the Governmental Committee meetings, at the stage of public consultation through all the strategy process. It is also member of the Technical Advisory Cabinet for the Climate Change National Communication to the UNFCCC, as representatives of the private sector in the process of public consultation of the Argentinean INDC for COP 21.
    • Development of the project “Climate change Adaptation in the Argentinean business sector” in collaboration with GIZ, INCAE Business School and GN Partners of Central America. The project includes the development of a climate risk analysis tool oriented to businesses that helps companies to develop adaptation plans.
    • Distribution of a special Newsletter about the COP21 to keep CEADS member companies well informed about the implications of COP21, prior, during and post the conference in December 2015.
    • Contributing to WBCSD’s Access to Energy working group by preparing presentations of two business cases from CEADS companies: Edenor and Gas Natural Fenosa.


    • Participated in a training-the-trainers workshop for WBCSD’s Business Ecosystems Training. Now working on localizing and rolling out the material.

    Food, Feed, Fibre and Biofuel

    • Developed a sectorial Vision 2050 and a road map to that vision, specially focused on the Agribusiness sector en Argentina. Together with member companies (Arcor, Dow, Dupont, Nidera, Ledesma, LIAG, Syngenta, Monsanto) and multi stakeholder dialogues with key institutions and sectors.
    • Working with WBCSD to scope a new Agribusiness Solutions project.

    Basic Needs and Human Rights

    • In partnership with Deloitte, CEADS is developing a Business and Human Rights Assessment Tool.
    • Working closely with WBCSD’s Social Impact Cluster on the topic of Inclusive Business, contributing with content and case studies, as well as helping to translate numerous publications into Spanish.
    • Launched “Guia de Primeros Pasos”, developed by 11 member companies of CEADS. The guide is intended to help companies introduce themselves to the complexities and new ways of a business model oriented towards low income communities.

    Skills and Employment

    • CEADS assists in the development of the Inclusive Business e-learning tool, and coordinates inclusive business webinars with other Latin American BCSDs.

    Redefining Value

    • Involved in the Reporting Matters initiative in Latin America, launching a joint publication in December 2015.
    • Supports ISO local and global agendas as a permanent adviser in the standardization process on Social Responsibility, Environmental and Energy issues among others; members of different working groups both at the local and global level: water footprint, carbon footprint, energy management systems, forest management, participates at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) expert groups, Working Group III (mitigation) through the Energy & Climate Area;
    • IIRC and Integrated Reporting: Organizes periodic workshops for member companies with IIRC representatives. CEADS has provided comments on the first framework and is currently working with Ernst & Young to develop a local strategy.
    • Measuring impact: Contributes to the WBCSD’s Measuring Impact Tool through case studies and Measuring Impact training courses.

  • Government Engagement and External Collaboration

    • CEADS provides local authorities with advice on the development of public policies and a regulatory framework for issues connected to sustainable development.

  • Collaboration with Global Network Partners

    • Collaboration with GN Partners in Latin America through a series of workshops about Measuring Impact Framework, developed and taught by CEADS to different GN Partners in the region, including Costa Rica, Panamá, Chile during 2013, and Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala and El Salvador in 2014-2015.
    • CEADS is collaborating with Uruguay, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador on “how to localize Global Vision 2050 at local level”, organizing workshops and developing a communication kit for this purpose. 
    • Collaboration with Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Brazil to develop a CEO survey to collect business’ perspective on various sustainability-related topics. The 2014 survey and publication was focused on Climate Change, the 2015 publication is underway.

Global Network Collaboration


Action2020 Engagement