The Shift

  • About

    The Shift is the Belgian meeting point for sustainability. As the national contact point for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and CSR Europe, The Shift brings together some 350 organizations ranging from private companies, NGOs, academic institutions, governmental bodies and other key actors in society.

    Together with our members and partner organizations, The Shift aims to realize the transition to a more sustainable society and economy by stimulating partnerships and helping to co-create sustainable business models.


    • 350 entities.

    Shared Members with WBCSD

    • (2) Solvay, KBC.

  • Activities

    • Connect: we connect organizations (companies, NGOs, academics, civil society, etc.) in Belgium that are engaged in the transition to a sustainable economy and society by organizing networking events.
    • Commit: all our members are required to formalize an official commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. Through workshops about SDGs and the SDG Compass, we provide them with tools to prioritize and implement the SDGs in their organizations.
    • Change: together with our members and partners, develop innovative business models and societal projects to help solve the biggest challenges facing our society.

  • Action2020-related Activities

    Climate Change

    • Stakeholder Coalition for COP21;
      In September 2015, The Shift publicly launched a climate coalition in Belgium. More than 120 organizations (companies, universities and NGO’s) signed an ambitious Letter of Engagement for the Climate to support and encourage our political leaders to reach a global agreement in Paris. Those pioneer organizations have officially committed to act against climate change and will meet again this year to take stock of present and future initiatives. This unique collaboration fosters innovation and new partnerships on climate change related topics.

    Food, Feed, Fibre and Biofuels

    • Sustainable Supply Chains in the Food Sector;
      In collaboration with Fairtrade Belgium, the Belgian food industry federation and other local NGO’s, The Shift explored sustainability in the supply chain for the food industry. The results of various events and meetings during the whole year of 2015 resulted in a large scale event in December, where we presented our conclusions for more sustainability in purchasing policies.

    Skills & Employment

    • Experience@work is an innovative initiative developed by and for organizations. The main objective is to allow senior professionals to remain as long as possible in the labor market to capitalize on their valuable experiences and talents.
    • Discover Your Talent Day is a one-day project to share workplace skills with young job seekers in Brussels. The young professionals get a chance to work with teams of volunteers from companies to learn about useful recruitment techniques, including how to draft an appealing CV, how to behave during an interview, etc.

  • Government Engagement and External Collaboration

    The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will act as organizational guiding principles. To promote the implementation of these SDGs, The Shift as formed an alliance with the UN Global Compact Network Belgium. Interconnecting the local and global sustainability agendas, this partnership aims to realize the sustainable transition desired by our member organizations and future generations.

Global Network Collaboration


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