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  • About

    The EXCEL Partnership was founded in 1996 by a group of forward-looking corporate leaders, the GLOBE Foundation of Canada and the Delphi Group. The partnership was created out of a desire to change the traditionally antagonistic relationship between environmental or social performance and financial expectations. Members come together to develop, integrate and improve sustainability in their corporate strategies, organizations and business models.


    • 18 companies.

    Shared Members with WBCSD

    • (3) DuPont, Suncor, Holcim.

  • Activities

    The EXCEL Partnership places priority on the transfer of information on best practices among its members and publicizing successes in this arena, identifying and resolving challenges, and cross-sectorial experience sharing. Because corporate sustainability is challenging, there is value in learning how others have integrated sustainability practices into corporate performance.

    Building the Business Case

    • Best practices: EXCEL hosts round tables designed to maximize learning and discussion among members on topics of interest.
    • For 2014, two round table workshops and three regional round tables are planned with the following working titles: Member Survey of Sustainability Risks and Opportunities, Materiality and Sustainability, New Sectors and Sustainability, and Reporting Practices and Communication.
    • EXCEL works to educate member organizations through publication of its Spotlight Management Briefs, quarterly in-depth research briefs highlighting case studies, user tools and EXCEL member best practices.
    • Hosts teleconferences and webinars to promote rapid communication among members on high-profile issues, enabling real-time benchmarking and learning. The following topics will be covered in 2014: sustainability reporting, how big data drive corporate sustainability, social metrics and measuring natural capital.
    • Offers an on-site advisory service for its members in the areas of sustainability and reporting.

  • Action2020-related Activities

    Climate Change

    • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP): The Delphi Group assists numerous companies with their CDP submissions and is positioned to keep EXCEL members up to date on relevant developments.
    • EXCEL’s Healthy Climate Initiative: EXCEL is working to engage the Canadian federal government in a dialogue on best practices and critical policy issues for climate and health.

    Redefining Value

    • EXCEL Sustainability Reporting Benchmarks allow members to review their reporting practices in the universe of all EXCEL members’ reporting practices for a comparative analysis benchmarked to the sector leaders’ practices.
    • Partners with the GRI through the GLOBE Foundation to help EXCEL members understand and follow the new G4 standards.

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