BPM Curaçao

  • About

    BSCD Curaçao (BPM) was founded in November 2007 as an association of and for companies and the service industry to exchange knowledge and experience in the areas of environmental quality and occupational health and safety (EQOHS). It is the first Global Network Partner in the Caribbean.


    • 56 companies.

    Shared Members with WBCSD

    • (1) Coca-Cola.

  • Activities

    Building the Business Case

    • BPM engages its membership in on-the-ground sustainability tours to demonstrate the daily operations, management and monitoring of alternative energy sources that can be used for business applications.
    • BPM hosts a Sustainable Innovation Award annually to reward the company that has developed the most sustainable and innovative practices.
    • BPM promotes and supports the use of EQOHS management systems by companies and organizations in the commercial and service industries, for the benefit of its members and to advance sustainable growth in Curaçao.

  • Action2020-related Activities

    Sustainable Lifestyles

    • Green Force and recuperative exporting plastic project: The Green Force BPM project collects about 60 tons of plastic in Curaçao for recycling annually. The plastic waste is shipped in 40-foot containers to Europe, where it is recycled.

    Exposure to Harmful Substances

    • BPM works with member companies to ensure participation in an intensive workshop on the handling and transportation of hazardous biochemical materials and the procurement of certification in Biorisk management and transport of Infectious substances.

  • Government Engagement and External Collaboration

    • BPM works closely with the national Curaçao government, various NGOs, and other Dutch Antilles islands on issues related to sustainable polices.

  • Collaboration with Global Network Partners

    • Netherlands in the publication of the book entitled New Economy Business.

Global Network Collaboration


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