Czech BCSD

  • About

    The Czech BCSD developed joined the Global Network of WBCSD in 2012 subscribing to the principals the Vision 2050 for local application in the Czech Republic. The group’s goal is to become a platform for the unification of the government’s strategy with the UR Czech Vision 2050, in cooperation with leading Czech and foreign experts. The Czech BCSD is also dedicated to building the business case and ensure effective implementation for sustainability in the Czech Republic.


    • 16 companies.

    Shared Members with WBCSD

    • (4) PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, TNT Express, Henkel.

  • Activities

    Building the Business Case

    • Developing sustainable education models and promoting new trends in sustainability methods.
    • Conducting a CSR review of the state and quality of institutions.

    Effective Policy

    • Examining the effectiveness of sustainability policy.

  • Action2020-related Activities

    Climate Change

    • Energy and power: Working with business to encourage the use of sustainable resources to meet business energy needs and decrease the emission profiles of companies.
    • Mobility: Ensuring adequate transport infrastructure, as well as safe, low-carbon mobility.
    • Smart cities: Working to improve the quality of life in urban areas through sustainable production and consumption practices and clean technologies, and by promoting energy efficiency in buildings.

    Skills and Employment

    • Working with companies to ensure a broad acceptance of the principles of sustainability (changing attitudes).
    • Working with companies to develop highly competitive and innovative economies based on adequate human resources, and training.

    Food, Feed, Fibre and Biofuel

    • Forests and agriculture: Educating companies about sustainable and efficient food production, investing in forests and promoting responsible forest-product use.

  • Government Engagement and External Collaboration

    • Working directly with the Czech Ministry of Environment through Peter Kalas, Vice President of the Czech BCSD and chief advisor to the Czech Minister of Environment.

Global Network Collaboration


Action2020 Engagement