CONCITO Sustainable Business Denmark

  • About

    CONCITO Sustainable Business is a new business platform formally established in January 2016 through a merger between Sustainable Business Denmark and the green think tank CONCITO. Members of the business platform are therefore the members of former Sustainable Business Denmark (before 2015 Danish Business Council for Sustainable Development, BCSD) and the private sector members of CONCITO.

    The ambition of the platform is to mobilize knowledge and catalyze solutions pushing the sustainable business development in Denmark in a partnership between companies, authorities, civil society and science. The platform commits itself as a member of WBCSD’s Global Network to contributing to WBCSD’s work within the Action2020 framework.


    • 30 companies.

    Shared Members with WBCSD

    • (1) Shell.

  • Activities

    Building the Business Case

    • Covers a broad range of areas with specific focus on energy, land use, sustainable consumption/lifestyle and livable cities/green mobility.
    • Participates in a Nordic Energy Research Network project on transportation in the Nordic region.
    • CONCITO has received Interreg funding for a project on innovative business models within green public procurement, in which the organization works with Danish Gate21 and a number of Danish cities.
    • Received funding for CONCITO’s Climate Embassy project. This is a point of contact for children and youth in which expertise, knowledge and networks are put forward to promote good and sustainable lifestyles.

  • Action2020-related Activities

    Climate Change

    • Energy realities; CONCITO is working on a project to analyze and describe the global, European and national potential of the most promising energy technologies. The aim is also to identify the potential seen from a business point of view for technologies including solar, wind, water, and nuclear power, as well as CCS, and bioenergy. The outcomes will then be used to inform businesses and policymakers with regards to future energy opportunities and choices.
    • Climate adaptation; is a project for mapping climate adaptation solutions and the infrastructure that will be needed for the future. The project will focus on a number of local climate adaptation strategies and analyze strengths and weaknesses – also with a view to scale up solutions.
    • Climate potential of the sharing economy; is a project featuring an analysis of the climate potential of new sharing economy platforms, stressing the need to scale up business solutions in order to capture the climate potential.
    • AURES – Effective renewable energy auctions; CONCITO is a partner in the European research project on auctions for renewable energy support (AURES). The general objective of the project is to promote an effective use and efficient implementation of auctions to improve the performance of electricity from renewable energy sources in Europe. CONCITO participates as a knowledge and policy partner.

    Skills & Employment

    • Cleantech TIPP: Sustainable public procurement; CONCITO participates in the the Swedish-Danish partnership project Cleantech TIPP (Cleantech Testbed for Innovative Public Procurement). The project rallies businesses, local authorities and NGO’s around a common vision for public procurement as a vehicle for green growth and job creation. The project will focus on industrial symbiosis, climate adaptation and innovation in waste management.

  • Government Engagement and External Collaboration

    • CONCITO works with a wide range of partners in Denmark and internationally to promote sustainable development with a particular view to climate and resources. At a national level, this includes the government, various business associations, academia and civil society. Internationally, CONCITO is currently in the process to establish partnerships with among others WRI, Cicero, Carbon Tracker, CPI and 3GF.

Global Network Collaboration


Action2020 Engagement