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    The mission of SEV-BCSD is to study, analyse and promote the principles of sustainable development; to support their evolution and application in the context of the economy, the environment and general society; and to actively contribute to the understanding and promotion of the notion of sustainable development by the member companies of SEV and help them introduce it into their business planning and the daily activities of their personnel.


    • 28 companies.

    Shared Members with WBCSD

    • (3) Coca-Cola, Vodafone, TITAN.

  • Activities

    Stakeholder Dialogues

    • Organising stakeholder dialogues on sustainable development and responsible business.

  • Action2020-related Activities

    National Plan

    • SEV-BCSD is developing Sustainable Greece 2020, a nationally adapted Action2020 initiative, in collaboration with QualityNet Foundation. The organisation of Sustainable Greece 2020 falls under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Development and Competitiveness and the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change. An action plan is in development that articulates both the goals of both the short- and longer-term actions to be implemented by the participating organisations. The action plan will also serve to fill a gap by providing a cohesive narrative and context for all other initiatives in sustainable development that exist or will emerge in Greece. Sustainable Greece 2020 is supported by a broad range of Greek business associations, as well as by international, European and national organisations such as the EC, the German Sustainability Council and the SEV initiative for Sustainable Development.
    • Significant programmes associated with Sustainable Greece 2020 include the following: 1) Sustainability Academy: An educational curriculum will be developed to train executives in the management of sustainable development. Cooperation with national and international partners and institutions is anticipated; 2) Sustainability Registry: An electronic database will be created to register all initiatives developed in Greece by all involved parties, including universities, businesses, state institutions, and civil society. The annual report detailing the registry will emphasise the sustainability of the initiatives in the Greek market; 3) Corporate Sustainability Report: A policy paper on corporate sustainability will be developed from the Sustainable Greece 2020 initiative and disseminated to national and European organisations so that the findings can be taken into account during the legislative process. This form of dialogue will be repeated every two years to provide the opportunity for all involved parties to present their views and set targets. The results of the dialogue should also be useful to government authorities as they may contribute to the development of a national strategy for sustainable development in Greece.

    Climate Change

    • Working on reform of the emissions trading system.
    • Organising a public consultation on national energy targets under the provisional title “Energy and Climate Change Towards 2030.”
    • Working on climate change policies and how they can contribute to businesses’ competitiveness.

    Exposure to Harmful Substances

    • Working on industrial waste management and collaborating with the WBCSD Secretariat on the topic.

    Basic Needs and Rights

    • Developing a mechanism for the registration of social needs. Part of the Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative, this mechanism will provide a platform for research and the systematic registration of social needs at the national and local level and for connecting them to programmes and initiatives implemented by the private sector. The goal is to develop public-private partnerships with the view to covering social needs and to measure the effectiveness of such programmes.

    Redefining Value

    • Working on sustainability reporting, and organizing stakeholder dialogues on the matter.
    • Developing a National Sustainability Index. A Sustainability Index will be developed whereby all companies, whether large or medium-sized, listed or nonlisted, will be asked to respond to the EU “comply or explain” directive (according to which companies listed on EU-regulated markets must comply with the relevant corporate guidance code or explain why they are not. The Sustainability Index will make it possible to measure and assess responsible business while connecting sustainability practices to the financial markets, thus creating an attractive basis for foreign investment in the next few years.

  • Government Engagement and External Collaboration

    • Through the Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative, SEV-BCSD collaborates with the Greek Ministry of Development and Competitiveness and the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, as well with international, European and national organizations such as the EC, the German Sustainability Council and the SEV initiative for Sustainable Development.

Global Network Collaboration


Action2020 Engagement