• About

    UniRSE is the leading organisation in Nicaragua working to promote and universalise corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a way of contributing to equitable and sustainable development.


    • 83 companies.

    Shared members with WBCSD

    • (2) PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG.

  • Activities

    Building the Business Case

    • Measures the implementation of CSR policies and practices for business annually, helping to identify their strengths and weaknesses in different areas of the business and enabling them to compare their performance with that of other companies that have been evaluated.
    • Offers a guide to good CSR practices that can be used to incorporate CSR gradual into the core business strategy.
    • Offers workshops to: 1) Sensitise the private sector and other public stakeholders (government and civil society) to the importance of implementing CSR in companies and in society in general; 2) Introduce sustainablity as a tool to improve the competitiveness of enterprises; 3) Introduce CSR as part of the shared responsibilities of the whole society.
    • Offers a postgraduate course to deepen knowledge of CSR. This service is coordinated with the Central Institute for Integration (ICI), and the certification is issued by the Américan College and the ICI.

  • Action2020-related Activities

    Climate Change

    • Develops a Latin American project on climate change, partly funded by the GIZ, to help enterprises develop a strategy for adapting to the effects of climate change.
    • Develops a project on climate change adaptation strategies in collaboration with the Swiss agency COSUDE (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation). The aim is to offer technical assistance for enterprises on climate change adaptation issues, use instruments to identify risks and opportunities attendant on climate change and promote activities that contribute to developing sustainable business solutions. The project is divided into the following phases: 1) Informing and educating business leaders on climate change and the concept of adapting to the effects of climate change; 2) Building the capacity of professionals to identify risks and opportunities associated with climate change; 3) Implementing climate change adaptation plans created to be in line with the identified risks and opportunities; 4) Systematising and disseminating the results.


    • Organises round table discussions on ecosystems within the regional CSR network INTEGRARSE.

    Food, Feed, Fibre and Biofuel

    • Developed a public-private partnership project on sustainable agro-industrial production.

    Skills and Employment

    • Developed a public-private partnership project on capacity building for women.
    • Collaborates with UN WOMEN and UNDP in Nicaragua to pilot project which implements the Management Model of Best Business Practices for Gender Equality. UniRSE member companies that have been trained in the model have conducted an internal analysis of gender inequalities in their companies and have formulated gender policies that will be implemented in 2014.

  • Government Engagement and External Collaboration

    • Works with government agencies in several public-private partnerships.
    • Collaborates with Forum Empresa, the Avina Foundation, the Ethos Institute, and Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women), GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and USAID.

  • Collaboration with Global Network Partners

    • Collaborates with Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Honduras, and Brazil in developing a CEO survey to collect business’ perspective on various sustainability-related topics. The 2014 survey and following publication is focused on Climate Change.
    • Guatemala.
    • Netherlands in the publication of the book entitled New Economy Business.

Global Network Collaboration


Action2020 Engagement