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  • About

    Peru 2021 was founded in 1994. Its name underscores an important date for the country — in 2021, Peru will commemorate 200 years of political independence. Perú 2021 seeks to raise awareness, train, and mobilize businesses to assist them in the integration of sustainability within their organizations. All of its activities are based on four main values: ethics, responsibility, respect, and trust.


    • 85 companies.

    Shared Members with WBCSD

    • (9) BASF, KPMG, SABMiller, EY, Kimberly-Clark, PwC, Coca-Cola, Votorantim, and Natura Cosméticos.

  • Activities

    Building the Business Case


    • Perú 2021 constantly develops in-house and open trainings ranging from basic sustainability training to training on methodologies and current trends. This includes several educational alliances with Universities and other institutions to deliver courses and programs.

    Sustainability Recognitions and Awards

    • Perú 2021 provides business with an annual recognition of their sustainability practices (Distintivo Empresa Socialmente Responsable in Spanish) . This recognition not only adds value to their brands, but provides participating businesses with a benchmark of their sustainability practices and areas where they can improve. In order to demonstrate their progress and maintain public recognition, organizations have to undergo the evaluation on a yearly basis.
    • The Perú 2021 Award (Premio Perú 2021 a la Responsabilidad Social y el Desarrollo Sostenible de las Empresas in Spanish) is given to companies as a recognition of their best practices in sustainable development. Companies can submit a program for evaluation in any of the following categories: Stakeholders, Multi-Stakeholders, People’s Choice, International, and a final category that changes annually – for example Water in 2015.

    Sustainability Communication and Advocacy

    • The Annual Sustainability Fair (EXPO Gestión Sostenible in Spanish) is organized by Peru 2021 and provides participating organizations a space to showcase their best practices and sustainability programs. It also functions as a networking platform between businesses and other actors, including Universities, Civil Society and State actors, with around 7000 visits every year. The Fair incorporates free and open sustainability talks, multi-stakeholder working tables, a business roundtable for SMEs, and a showcase of youth-led entrepreneurship and ventures.
    • The Annual International Sustainability Conference (Simposio International: Empresa y Gestión Sostenible in Spanish) is the longest-standing Sustainability Conference in Latin America, where national and international experts present the latest trends, and businesses provide their best practices and lessons learned.

    Sustainability Consultancy

    • Perú 2021 offeres a wide range of consultancy services, adapted to the specific needs of the companies, including: Sustainability Reporting, Sustainability Diagnositcs, Stakeholder mapping, Benchmarking, etc.

  • Action2020-related Activities

    National Action2020 Plan

    • Peru 2021 is in the planning phase of developing a national Action2020 plan.

    Climate Change

    • Institutional Partner of the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2014, organized by Climate Action in partnership with UNEP alongside the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties.
    • As part of the COP20 framework, Perú 2021 is part of the promoter group of the Play Your Part Project (Pon de tu Parte in Spanish). The Project aims to create a culture of awareness regarding climate change, proposing a set of everyday actions to reduce climate impact, leaving a legacy of individual and company commitments. The project started prior to COP20 and has been re-launched as part of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda.
    • Perú 2021 co-founded an initiative named the Corporate Climate Compromise, alongside with its virtual platform 7C (Compromiso Climático Corporativo-7C in Spanish), aimed at promoting corporate reporting regarding business action on climate change. The initiative currently has more than 100 businesses and organizations as part of its community.
    • Perú 2021 was the local partner of the CDKN Network funded Project, implemented by Carbon Trust and aiming at supporting the delivery of climate compatible development in Peru through the identification and assessment of private sector energy efficiency opportunities, as well as through building capacity to support the implementation of energy efficiency practices in the country.


    • As an alternative for business to invest in national sustainability issues, Peru has a mechanism in which companies invest in national infrastructures and public services in exchange for a tax cut (Obras por Impuestos in Spanish). This includes a series of infrastructure projects such as water and sewage systems, roads, health centers, amongst others. Perú 2021 has a Working Group in which business, Civil Society and government representatives discuss the issue and propose changes to current legislation, in order to increase the impact of business action aimed at increasing access to public basic services. (Proyecto Relacionamiento Público-Privado in Spanish).

    Basic Needs & Human Rights

    • Perú 2021 has been offering training in Human Rights and Businesses for over 3 years. It also participates in related events at various Universities, Conferences, etc.

    Skills & Employment

    • As part of skills development in the area of sustainability, Perú 2021 has established a formal Youth Group in which young representatives of receive extended training in sustainability matters and, at the end of their program, become part of a Youth Network for Sustainability, called the Generation of Change (La Generación del Cambio in Spanish).

    Sustainable Lifestyles

    • With the coordination of the Global Reporting Initiative and the co-funding of Swiss Cooperation-SECO, Perú 2021 implemented the Business Transparency Program (Programa de Transparencia en la Cadena de Abastecimiento in Spanish). In collaboration with four leading companies, Perú 2021 trained 21 SMEs on the topic of value chains in Sustainability and Reporting, finalized the Program with 21 Sustainability Reports and a variety of added benefits.


    • Perú 2021, in alliance with 2030 Water Resource Group, has developed a series of events and workshops aiming to increase awareness on water stewardship. It has also established Working Groups with business, civil society and government representatives that seek to increase the awareness on the issue and promote private-public partnerships (Proyecto Relacionamiento Público-Privado in Spanish).

    Redefining Value

    • Perú 2021 is part of the Reporting Matters Latin America 2015 initiative and collaborates with the other GN Partners in the region as part of the Editorial Council.
    • Perú 2021 promotes the SDG Compass in the country through its social media channels, networks, events and other alliances.
    • Peru 2021 is a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Organisational Stakeholder and also a GRI training partner for Hispanic America.

  • Government Engagement and External Collaboration

    • Perú 2021, is in constant collaboration and dialogue with the Peruvian State in order to close the gaps between the Government and the Private Sector. An example of these efforts is the Business Dialogue Project (Proyecto de Diálogo Empresarial in Spanish), in which government representatives join business and civil society to discuss topics of mutual interest through Working Groups.
    • Perú 2021 cooperates with the International Finance Cooperation to raise awareness and promote corporate governance within the Peruvian private sector through the Corporate Governance Project (Proyecto Gobierno Corporativo in Spanish).
    • Perú 2021 is Organizational Stakeholder and Certified Training Partner of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) since 2009.
    • Peru 2021 has a variety of Strategic Alliances with academic organizations, civil society, chambers of commerce and other organizations to jointly promote Sustainability in Perú.
    • Perú 2021 is a founder and member of Red Forum Empresa (a network of Latin American organizations specialized in Sustainability).

  • Collaboration with Global Network Partners

    • Perú 2021 is part of the Reporting Matters Latin America 2015 initiative and collaborates with the other GN Partners in the region as part of the Editorial Council.
    • As a founding member of Red Forum Empresa, Perú 2021 collaborates with GN Partners in Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay and Honduras.

Global Network Collaboration


Action2020 Engagement