• About

    Öbu is a Swiss business association of more than 400 companies running their business according to the nexus of sustainable development in the Swiss and international economies. Members promote better environmental and social performance to improve positive competiveness in the market. Under the slogan “Challenges are our opportunity,” Öbu provides a multistakeholder dialogue with business, SMEs, government, trade associations, media and the public.

    Öbu joined the WBCSD as a Global Network Partner in late 2013.


    • More than 400 companies.

    Shared Members with WBCSD

    • (14) ABB, Alstom, Canon, Coca-Cola, Dow Chemical Co., Grundfos, Hoffmann-La Roche, Holcim, KPMG, Nestlé Group, Sika, SGS, Unilever.

  • Activities

    Building the Business Case

    • Öbu organises Forum ö, an annual conference for leaders, followers and innovators in running sustainable business. Executives, CEOs and VRs of companies, NGOs and government representatives convene to discuss best practices and challenges to creating sustainable business in Switzerland and abroad. Action2020 and Vision 2050 are important talking points at the meeting.
    • Manages Proofit.ch, an online platform on sustainable business practices, offering tools and hosting a forum for discussions of successfully implemented projects and processes in companies. The range of issues covers ecological, social and management instruments and measures. The largest information platform available in Switzerland, Proofit.ch focuses on both sustainability and business profitability.
    • ThinkPact is a recently created think tank launched by Öbu that aims to include various stakeholder groups and companies in thinking systematically about the future of sustainable business. More than 100 decision makers are included in the process of establishing the topics, designing the shape of the forum and motivating more stakeholders to participate. A special focus is put on executives who are new to issues of sustainability.

  • Action2020-related Activities

    Climate Change

    • Public-Private Partnership Platform on Climate Change in the region of northwestern Switzerland: The platform is designed to share best practices, implemented projects and experiences to reduce CO2 emissions in companies. The platform organises business lunches, hosts a website and offers other communication tools that can enable companies of any size to share experiences in an informal but highly effective way.

    Redefining Value

    • Sustainability Reporting: Events are offered on a regular basis to improve companies’ ability to communicate their sustainability achievements according to international standards.

  • Collaboration with Global Network Partners

    • Austria

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