Centre for CSR Development

  • About

    The Centre for CSR Development is a leading expert organisation in Ukraine that implements business projects in Ukraine and provides support for companies to develop CSR strategies and non-financial reports.


    • 21 companies.

    Shared Members with WBCSD

    • (4) Ernst & Young, 3М, DHL, Lafarge.

  • Activities

    Building the Business Case

    • During the past five years the Centre for CSR Development implemented more than 27 projects, prepared and published around 130 publications and held more than 140 public events, engaging about 3,000 representatives of business, NGOs and the media.
    • Maintains a strong resource and information centre on CSR-related issues.
    • Organises the CSR Case Contest, in which participating corporations present CSR solutions that have been integrated into their business strategy.
    • Organises the Best Family-Friendly Enterprises contest to raise interest in CSR, work-life balance and gender equality in the workplace.
    • Organizes the CSR Marketplace, an innovative forum of CSR best-practice sharing that brings together leading experts, companies and other stakeholders working with successful CSR projects.
    • Works on a project aiming to show that the CSR concept works equally for SMEs as for large firms, and that it provides for an excellent business case.
    • Develops a project aiming to create an enabling environment for CSR in Ukraine through the agreement among public authorities, NGOs, business, consumer organizations, and research institutions on CSR guidelines and implementation processes. This will then constitute the basis for creating a national strategy on the development of CSR.
    • Works on a project that promotes the concept of ‘corporate volunteering’ in Ukraine through awareness raising and best-practice sharing.

  • Action2020-related Activities


    • Offers training on eco-management strategies.

    Skills and Employment

    • Working on a project, “CSR in Education,” through which a course and a textbook on CSR are to be developed for Ukraine University curricula. The aim is to include CSR training in university programmes in business economics, business management and marketing in 27 regions in Ukraine.
    • Offers training sessions on developing a dialogue with stakeholders and promoting responsible partnership.

    Sustainable Lifestyles

    • Organises training sessions on ethical procurement.

    Redefining Value

    • Organises nonfinancial reporting training for members and various stakeholders.
    • Publishes “CSR Reviews” of companies’ nonfinancial reports.
    • Offers the Readers’ Choice Award to companies with the best nonfinancial reports. The aim is to promote nonfinancial reporting among companies and organisations, to encourage stakeholders to read company reports and to improve the quality and efficiency of the submitted company reports.
    • Based on the work of the ISO’s Strategic Advisory Group on Social Responsibility, the objective of the ISO 26000 project is to develop social responsibility standards in the regions around Ukraine.

  • Government Engagement and External Collaboration

    • Organises workshops and informative sessions on CSR with government officials.
    • Member of the UN Global Compact Board 2010-2012.
    • National Partner of CSR Europe in Brussels.

Global Network Collaboration


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