BCSD Zimbabwe (BCSDZ)

  • About

    The Business Council for Sustainable Development Zimbabwe (BCSDZ) (previously known as the Environmental Forum of Zimbabwe) was formed in 1993 by a group of leading business people in Zimbabwe who wished to make and encourage a commitment by business to the phased implementation of environmental management programmes, and to assist in enhancing appropriate knowledge. While the original focus was on environmental management, in subsequent years it steadily broadened its agenda in line with international thinking to encompass Sustainable Development, involving the three interlinked pillars of economic growth, ecological balance and social progress.


    • 84 companies.

    Shared Members with WBCSD

    • (2) Deloitte, Lafarge.

  • Activities

    Building the Business Case

    • BCSDZ’s main roles are to actively promote awareness and to gather and share knowledge and practical expertise on a wide range of sustainable development topics in business. It does this by holding a variety of technical workshops, seminars, round tables and field days and an annual two-day conference.
    • Produces a quarterly electronic magazine and bulletins on an ad hoc basis.

  • Action2020-related Activities

    Climate Change

    • Has a Technical Committee on Climate Change and Emissions working on Energy efficiency and renewable energy – important national topics due to intermittent electricity supplies in the country.
    • Has been substantially engaged in Rio+20 outcomes and UNFCCC outcomes and in working out Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through collaborative processes with public, private and civil society actors.


    • Had a Technical Committee on Water, and is currently investigating how to engage further with WBCSD water projects. The BCSDZ has a long history of engagement in water sustainability issues in country.
    • Organised a workshop series on business and water efficiency in early 2014.


    • BCSDZ had a Technical Committee on Biodiversity and Business and is currently investigating how to engage further with WBCSD biodiversity projects.

    Redefining Value

    • BCSDZ has a Technical Committee on Sustainability Reporting and assists companies in adopting sustainability reporting principles.

  • Government Engagement and External Collaboration

    • BCSDZ enjoys good relations with several government ministries.
    • Has a Technical Committee on Legislation through which it investigates different legal and policy-related issues within the framework of sustainable development.
    • Is a member of the African Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production.
    • Is currently the business implementing partner in UNIDO’s phased Green Industry Initiative in Zimbabwe, which is a public-private partnership project.
    • Administers the Inclusive Business Forum of Zimbabwe, which it set up in association with SNV Zimbabwe and with the support of the Ford Foundation.

  • Collaboration with Global Network Partners

    • South Africa
    • India

Global Network Collaboration


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